Eliet Truckloader TL 450 PRO

With this new TL 450 PRO, ELIET broadens its range of suction devices that can be loaded onto the trailer of a truck – the so-called Truck Loaders. This new and powerful Truck Loader meets the requirements of customers who are looking for a budget-friendly alternative.



The suction turbine with large diameter (450 mm) guarantees considerable suction capacity. In addition, both the suction hose and the discharge pipe have a 200 mm diameter, ensuring easy pass-through of the vacuumed material and practically excluding blockage.  The cover on the suction turbine can be replaced in case of wear.  The suction turbine is lined with rubber to dampen the thumping sound made by the vacuumed material.


Every leaf or stone that is sucked up moves with the airflow through the suction hose until it hits the impeller. Centrifugal force throws everything against the wall of the turbine where it then follows the contours of the volute housing before ending up in the discharge hose. The turbine wall, therefore, acts as a type of drum that generates a lot of noise. However, ELIET have been able to efficiently absorb the noise from each impact by fitting a suitable rubber lining around the turbine.


The ELIET Truckloader is supplied factory fitted with a transparent flexible vacuum suction hose. The highly flexible suction hose measures 3.5 metres and is transparent.  The suction mouth rests on a swivel caster, making it unnecessary to hold it up constantly. The light and transparent suction hose does not hinder the movement freedom and ensures you can immediately locate and remove obstructions in the hose. A special quick connect system makes for easy disconnection of the hose from the machine. When doing so, the associated safety device immediately switches off the engine.

Alternatively, one can opt for an “EasyhandleTM”:  a suction mouth with two swivel casters and a moveable seat, providing the operator with even greater comfort.  A support arm at 1.5 metres on the suction hose prevents it from dragging on the surface, eliminating any corresponding wear.


The propeller is attached to the crankshaft by means of a conical drill socket, making for easy dismounting.


Two sturdy grips enable two people to lift the machine and hook it onto the truck.


The discharge hose with directional louvre has a diameter of 200 mm, just like the suction hose, which makes obstructions virtually impossible. The articulated hose made from welded wear-resistant steel components can swivel through 360°. The nylon pivot point is self-lubricating, so it never becomes blocked by dirt or rust.


The supports by which the machine is attached to the truck have adjustable feet with rubber soles.


The end of the discharge hose is equipped with a deflector flap in order to completely fill the loading space of a lorry. This flap can be adjusted to any angle. The shape of the flap ensures that the airflow does not immediately diverge when it leaves the discharge hose, thus making the airflow easier to direct.

Engine selection:9,0 HP Honda GX270 , 13 HP Honda GX390, 18 HP B&S Vanguard ES, 23 HP B&S Vanguard ES
Material impeller:steel plate 3 mm
Transmission :Direct
Diameter impeller:450 mm
noise reducing impeller:yes
Propellor:5 blades / muffling effect
Chassis tubes:25 x 25 mm / steel plate 3 mm / 5mm
Air output:108 m³/min
Material propeller:steel plate 5 mm
Diameter propeller:380 mm
Material blow pipe:inox
Diameter:blow pipe dia. 200 mm
Airspeed:260 km/h
Capacity of the fuel tank:12 L
Suction pipe Diameter:200 mm
Dimensions (LxWxH in mm/inch):980 x 790 x 1520 mm
Noise level Lw(A):112 dB(A)

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Sat: 8:30am - 12:30pm