Eliet Maestro City Shredder

Eliet Maestro City 5.5HP B&S XR750 The collection bag that comes as standard on the ELIET MAESTRO will catch every individual chipping and guarantees fast transportation of chippings to the compost container. Moreover, the ELIET MAESTRO is a compact machine that you can be maneuvered without any effort into the smallest corner of your garden.

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Chipping wood is not a menial task. Here, a lot of power is unleashed inside the machine. A chipper only has a long operating life when no compromises are made in terms of quality and durability of the materials used. All of the ELIET chippers (small and large) are manufactured to the highest degree of craftsmanship. The Eliet Maestro City is just one example of this. The steel shredding chamber is firmly welded to the tubular frame. The feed hopper of the ELIET Maestro City has also been manufactured from steel.


The fine chippings that the Eliet MAESTRO City spits out form the basis for what will later be nutritional compost. These chippings are immediately collected in a large collection bag so that not one single chipping is lost. The contents of one full collection bag (60 litres) is more than enough to fill one wheelbarrow. The chippings do not always have to be deposited in the compost container. They can also be applied as a fertile mulch layer underneath the plantings at the borders of your garden.


In the interests of the environment, ELIET always try to obtain harmony between the machine and its surroundings. The shredding chamber has a double wall in order to reduce the noise pollution from this chipper. The frame wall sound damping material dampens the drumming effect of the chippings on the wall. This action reduces the noise level by several dB.

Engine selection:5,5 HP Elect. 380 V/3~ (4000W) 5,0 hp B&S XR 750
Shreddable timber diameter:40 mm
Chopping speed (cuts/min):36.000
Capacity:12 full wheelbarrows/h.
Shredding technology:ELIET Chopping PrincipleTM Knives 12 ELIET RESIST(TM knives (reversible)
Collecting box capacity :60 L
Feed height:1050 mm
Dimensions (LxWxH in mm/inch):1260 x 650 x 1385 mm
Weight:50 kg

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Sat: 8:30am - 12:30pm