Eliet Mega Professional Towed Shredder

The Mega Professional is the first Eliet chipper to be equipped with a 3/LC Vanguard Turbo Diesel 950D Engine. 4 wheel version also available

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The Mega Prof is the first Eliet chipper to be equipped with a diesel engine. Despite this chipping capacity of 15 cm, the Mega Prof is content to process large volumes of leafy waste. The large feed hopper with a low feed-in height and an integral feed belt provide an unparalleled level of user comfort.

Diesel Engine: Eliet did not choose just any engine for this special chipper. The 3/LC Vanguard Turbo Diesel 950 D is the most compact water cooled 3-cylinder engine on the market. This small source of power delivers 31 hp.
Ergonomic Feed Hopper: The ergonomic feed hopper is an eye-catching feature of this chipper. Although the dimensions of this hopper are in harmony with the compact construction, it is still provides maximum comfort. Thanks to the low feed-in height (< 600 mm) and to the wide feed-in opening (820 x 700 mm), the operator can feed in the branches without having to lift them higher.
Abm: The Mega Prof incorporates an intelligent Power Control or ABM (Anti-Engine-Blocking) system. This electronic system permanently monitors engine performance. If an overload of the engine is imminent, material feed speed is adjusted within a fraction of a second. The load is thus temporarily removed so that the engine can quickly recover after stalling. The active ABM system enables the chipper to autonomously control the chipping process without any operator intervention. The substantial increase in efficiency that results from this is only one of the advantages. This electronic device reduces diesel consumption to approximately 3 l/hour.
Discharge System: The efficient discharge of the wood chippings is a major concern for every gardener. All of the criteria relating to this were studied in detail when designing the Mega Prof. First of all; it must be possible to control the discharge of the chippings so that the risk of damage to nearby cars or windows is eliminated. The chippings must preferably be discharged nearby into a wheelbarrow so that they, if required, can be transported away locally or discharged directly into a trailer or van. To satisfy all of these requirements, Eliet have designed an ingenious discharge system that uses an Archimedes screw to convey the chippings from a collector to the desired height. This silent discharge of chippings also decreases the overall noise level of the machine.
Fast Intervention: You can quickly gain access to the rotor in order to check chipper blade condition. The complete chip discharge assembly can be opened.
Wheel Drive: The robust wheel drive is required to move this 900 kg high-tech machine. The large tyres have a low tread in order to provide the chipper with maximum stability. The gear reduction box with which each hydraulic motor drives each of these large wheels, produces enough torque to ensure powerful traction. Wheel drive engagement and disengagement via the handlebar is extremely straightforward.
Fold-Down Handlebar: The best location for the steering assembly is the feed-in opening. This chipper is designed so that the handlebar can be quickly folded downwards to prevent it from obstructing the feeding in of garden waste. This places it outside the area of operation of the operator.
Steerable Front Wheels: Despite the light design of the Mega Prof, it is impossible for the operator to lift or push the machine. The two front tyres, therefore, feature a steering mechanism. By moving the complete steering handlebar in the direction of the machine travel, it acts as a lever to turn the wheels in this direction. The wide turf tread tyres ensure low ground pressure so that hardly any tracks are left behind. The balancing front wheel axle keeps the Mega Prof stable when the terrain is uneven.
Speed Governor: The Mega Prof is equipped with a speed governor in order to utilise the capacity of this chipper to the maximum. This governor accurately controls the speed of the feed belt and the feed roller. This is useful because the optimal material feed speed of, for example, hedge trimmings is completely different from the speed for complete fir trees. In combination with the ABM system, this speed governor can save a lot of time.
Resist Blades: The blades that are fitted to the Mega Prof are not ordinary steel blades. The Mega Prof is designed to operate at least 8 hours a day. The blades have been specially designed so that their blade life matches the workload and duty cycles. A special steel alloy and refined thermal treatment of the cutting edges have resulted in blade life being at least doubled. It is therefore only logical that these blades have been given the name RESIST™.
Instrument Panel: The clear and well-organised instrument panel groups all of the information that the operator requires. Specifically, the instrument panel incorporates a start key, throttle control lever, petrol gauge, hours run counter, tachometer, ABM indicator, split differential switch and an Active Fault Diagnosis system.
Compact Machine: Chipping is more fun when you have a high chipping capacity at your disposal. it is less convenient when you have to move all of the garden waste several hundred metres to this chipper. An Eliet chipper helps you to overcome this inconvenience. Even in the chipper, the Eliet Mega Prof, maximum use is made of every space in order to make it as compact as possible. This results in an enormous capacity being packed into an extremely mobile machine that you can easily navigate to any work area. Moreover, the compact design provides extra advantages for storage and transport.
Ease Of Maintenance: Technicians also like to perform maintenance on the Mega Prof. The machine has a modular construction so that it can be easily disassembled. For example, the complete feed hopper can be folded upwards so that you can quickly gain access to the feed belt or the engine. The rotor cover can also be removed to gain complete access to the blade shaft. Access to the blade shaft can be easily gained from above in order to perform any kind of maintenance. The blade shaft can be easily lifted out of the machine using a hoist in order to replace the bearings.
Transport Speed: The typical ground speed for a route with bends is governed by the weight of the machine. By turning the handle, you can accurately control the ground speed forwards as well as backwards. You can additionally increase ground speed by locking the differential if you wish to move the Mega Prof across a large distance.
Differential Lock: The Eliet Mega Prof is equipped with a powerful wheel drive. A hydraulic differential ensures optimal torque distribution between the wheels, thus making it extremely easy to manoeuvre without damaging the ground. If you encounter swampy ground, then the electronic differential lock can be engaged to prevent one of the wheels from slipping.
Discharge Height: No doubt, you have already noticed the ingenious discharge system. The Archimedes screw (aka auger helix) that lifts up the chippings is available in two versions. A first discharge pipe with an integral screw lifts the chippings to a height of 1.5m. An optional second discharge pipe is also available that lifts the chippings to a height of 2m. This enables most trailers to be completely filled. For transportation, the long discharge pipe folds down easily or can be simply removed from the machine.
Low Noise Design: At Eliet, we are committed to preserving the harmony between nature and its machines. Noise reduction was a primary objective when designing the Mega Prof in order to decrease any noise pollution for the operator and the surroundings. In collaboration with the University of Leuven (Belgium), a frame has been developed that reduces the production of intrinsic noise. The noise cocoon around the engine and the low noise chip discharge are elements that also contribute to extremely low noise emissions from this chipper.
Active Fault Diagnostics System: Active electronics permanently monitor the engine while it is operating. As soon as one of the monitored elements deviates from the standard value, the engine is automatically switched off and an indicator light illuminates on the instrument panel to indicate the cause of the failure. This system thus intervenes to protect the engine from serious damage.
Engine selection31 HP B&S Vanguard 3/LC 950 Turbo D
Shreddable timber diameter150 mm / 6 inch
Hydraulic Pumphydraulic engine
Hydraulic PumpGR2 4,9s cc – 210 bar
Engine start systemelectrical
Capacity (full box/h)10 m³ chips/hour
Shredding technologyEliet Chopping principleTM
Number of knives24 RESIST Pro TM blades (reversible)
ABM (Anti-blocking-system)yes
Infeed conveyor850 x 500 mm
Diameter infeed roller230 mm
Output height1500 mm / 5 ft
ChassisSteel 10 mm
Wheel tractionHydraulic engine 125cc
Cylinder capacity (cc)950
CoolingWater cooled
Speed controller for infeed rolleryes
Chipping capacity360 cubic ft/h
Cutting width18 1/2 “
Transmission2 belts XPB 2800
Feed assistancefeed roller
Power controlEliet ABM
Hour meteryes
dB(A)115 dB(A)
Dimensions (LxWxH in mm/inch)2400x890x1440 mm
 94x35x57 inch
Discharge systemsafe and quiet transport system
 6 ft auger
Weight865 kg / 1908 lbs

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