Eliet Prof 5 B Shredder

Eliet introduces the Prof 5, the successor to the Prof 4, the entry-level model for the garden professional.

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The Eliet Prof 5B Shredder has numerous configuration possibilities which enable the garden contractor to configure the machine according to his specific needs and budget. In this way, one can opt for a model with or without a feed roller, with or without wheel drive. In addition, Eliet implements 2 new features.
Blow Chute: For the first time Eliet offers the possibility of installing a blow chute for the removal of chips. What is interesting about this blow chute is that Eliet integrated a genuine blower turbine into the design so that the machine has a powerful discharge system. In contrast to many other shredders on the market that have chip-discharge blowers, the Prof 5 can also handle damp natural trimmings very well and with hardly any danger of blockage of the turbine. By integrating a genuine blower turbine, the Eliet Prof 5 benefits from a suction effect through the feed hopper. This ensures that the feeding of leafy natural trimmings goes much more smoothly because the material is, as it were, sucked into the shredding chamber.
Feed Roller: The Eliet Prof 5 is also available with the option of a hydraulic feed roller. This significantly increases the output of the machine. You only have to feed the wood in, and then the machine conveys it inside by itself. The force with which this feed roller does its work leaves even the most twiggy branches no chance at all. Large volumes of leafy trimmings are also mercilessly fed to the blades. One can manually adjust the rotation of the feed roller (reverse – feed – stop). This operating governor is next to the feed-in opening and is thus always within reach as an emergency stop.
Abm System: The Eliet PROF 5 in the Blower version (B) has an additional option, namely an ABM system (Anti-Block Motor), also used in the Eliet Super Prof 2000. This ingenious system fully autonomously regulates the feed speed. A sensor meticulously controls every change in the revolutions of the engine. When the engine RPM suddenly slows, the ABM electronics will respond accordingly by briefly reducing the speed of the feed roller. While the machine shreds all the wood, regulating itself, you can simply continue to work without keeping an eye on the machine.
Impeller: Natural trimming chips are not discharged on the basis of the removal force of the blade system, but are carried away by the powerful airflow generated by the 330 mm blade turbine.
Feed-In Funnel: The Eliet PROF 5 is a full-blooded green waste processor. Garden contractors mainly have to deal with voluminous natural trimmings primarily from hedges, shrubs, bushes, plants … thus the Prof 5 becomes their indispensable partner. By means of the wide feed-in opening (560 mm x 520 mm) with auxiliary feed, there is no problem feeding in large amounts of green waste. The feed-in funnel does not reduce further in size in the direction of the blade axis.
Stable Wheel Base: The Eliet Prof 5 is constructed from a strongly welded frame and rests on a couple of large tires. With a wheel base 780 mm wide, this shredder is extremely stable even if one temporarily deviates from the beaten tracks. The large swivel castor wheels enable the PROF 5 to easily navigate through narrow garden passageways. The machine is equipped with a parking brake for maximum safety while working and during transport.
Engine Clutch: The Eliet Prof 5 B version is equipped with a blade clutch. The advantage of this is that one can start the engine in idle which is beneficial for the life span of the starter motor. Furthermore, the blower turbine can be turned off in this way in order to safely drive the shredder. The blade system is also blocked when the clutch is disengaged.
Eliet Resist™ Blades: The blades that are fitted to the Eliet Prof 5 are not ordinary steel blades. The Prof 5 is designed to operate at least 8 hours a day. The blades have been specially designed so that their blade life matches the workload and duty cycles. A special steel alloy and refined thermal treatment of the cutting edges have resulted in blade life being at least doubled. It is therefore only logical that these blades have been given the name Resist™.
 Electric Starter: For the Prof 5 B, Eliet opted for a 14 HP Subaru Robin engine because of its favourable torque curve. This modern engine has OHC (Overhead Cams) technology which enables higher compression in the cylinder which translates into better performance. The camshaft is driven by a chain for very precise valve timing and again more stable functioning. The engine comes standard with an electric starter.
 Wheel Drive: Your comfort was the priority that was top of our engineer’s minds when they designed the wheel drive. You cannot simply move a shredder weighing 350 kg wherever you want. So the Prof 5 is also available self-propelled. Each of the two drive wheels is equipped with a powerful hydraulic motor. If you purchase the self-propelled version, then you will be able to navigate any rugged terrain or slope with the greatest of ease. The swivel caster wheels provide the necessary manoeuvrability for weaving between obstacles in gardens, parks and woods. A handlebar mounted lever allows you to change forward or reverse speeds with a simple flick of the wrist.
Shreddable timber diameter80mm
Chopping speed (cuts/min)48.000
Capacity (m³/kgs) per hour3.5
Bladesimpeller Ø 360mm
Feed intake opening1400mm
Dimensions (LxWxH)1680 x 750 x 1390mm
Weight (STD, Hydro, Hydro+ZR) 273kg / 319kg / 332kg


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