Eliet Truckloader TL 450 PRO HD

The ELIET Truckloader has been tailored to the specific requirements of the intensive user. Its powerful engine gives this hurricane the suction capacity to move large volumes of leaves without any problem. You can count on a reliable, sound, ergonomic machine with guaranteed low maintenance costs with the ELIET Truckloader.



Every leaf or stone that is sucked up moves with the airflow through the suction hose until it hits the impeller. Centrifugal force throws everything against the wall of the turbine where it then follows the contours of the volute housing before ending up in the discharge hose. The turbine wall, therefore, acts as a type of drum that generates a lot of noise. However, Eliet have been able to efficiently absorb the noise from each impact by fitting a suitable rubber lining around the turbine.


The Eliet Truckloader is equipped with a suspension eye to admit suspension eye mounting/lifting. This lift eye is positioned so that the Eliet Truckloader is in equilibrium when lifted. A minimum of effort is therefore required to connect the machine weighing 160 kg to a trailer or a loading platform. You can, furthermore, easily suspend the machine on a van or trailer by using the supplied suspension hooks. The stands can be adjusted to the shape and design of your vehicle.


The (6 mm) steel impeller is manufactured from high quality steel and is able to withstand impacts from stones that are sucked in, and also chafing from sand and soil. Although the steel impeller guarantees reliability, this also means that quite some weight rests on the fan shaft. Slight play may occur on the bearing that supports the shaft when subjected to heavy duty cycles. This may have serious consequences for the machine should the bearing not be adjusted. The tapered bearing allows for fast and easy adjustment and, therefore, contributes to improved operational reliability and long service life of the machine.



Because operational security is of crucial importance, Eliet chose to equip the machine with a belt drive. Thus, the rotation inertia of the heavy turbine doesn’t influence the crankshaft of the engine. In addition it allows for a quicker start of the engine.


Furthermore, Eliet has designed an uncomplicated but ingenious system where the steel turbine is stopped immediately when declutching the belt. This highly contributes to the safety level of the machine, since not the engine, but the coupling is turned off in a potentially risky situation. This reduces the number of starting procedures considerably, which in turn increases the life of the starter.


In addition, electropneumatic de-clutching control is also provided. The safety level of the machine will increase considerably, since the clutch will be released instead of the engine being shut off should there be a potential threat. The number of starting procedures will be significantly reduced due to this and, therefore, the service life of the starting motor will increase.


The discharge hose with directional louvre has a diameter of 200 mm, just like the suction hose, which makes obstructions virtually impossible. The articulated hose made from welded wear-resistant steel components can swivel through 360°. The nylon pivot point is self-lubricating, so it never becomes blocked by dirt or rust.


The end of the discharge hose is equipped with a deflector flap in order to completely fill the loading space of a lorry. This flap can be adjusted to any angle. The shape of the flap ensures that the airflow does not immediately diverge when it leaves the discharge hose, thus making the airflow easier to direct.


Something always sticks to the wall with regard to all the material that travels through the turbine. You will need to look for the securing nuts in-between the dirt with standard machines to ensure you can remove the front guard. The front guard of the Eliet Truckloader can be removed in no time at all by using the especially well-considered securing bolts on the outside.


Engine selection:14 pk Subaru EX40 ES, 18 HP B&S Vanguard ES
Chassis:Steel 3 mm
Adjustable air detector:Yes
Air output:108 m³/min
Outblow pipe:rot. 360° / Diameter 200 mm
Airspeed:260 km/h
Turbine Steel :3 mm
Turbine diameter:450 mm
Impeller:Steel 5 mm
Impeller diameter:380 mm
Suction pipe:dia. 255 mm / Ergonomic SwinghandleTM
Suction hose:dia. 200 mm / Vacuumflex
Transmission:V-belt XPA 1500 1/1
Dimensions (LxWxH in mm/inch):1140x800x1430 mm 45x31x56 inch
Noise reduction:Yes
Weight:160 kg / 354 pounds
Vacumflex Sucking Hose
Support chassis on pivotwheels
Support with liftsysteem
Electric start


Mon - Fri: 8:00am - 5:00pm
Sat: 8:30am - 12:30pm