AS Motor 510 4T

AS Motor 510 4T 51cm (20″), 4-stroke, push, professional mulching rotary mower.


AS Motor 510 4T, 51cm (20″), 4-stroke, push, professional mulching rotary mower – An ever increasing number of professional users rely on simple and natural disposal of their grass cuttings. The new AS Motor mulchers in the AS Motor 510 series swirl the cuttings under their robust domed mulching deck, thereby chopping it thoroughly. The material is swirled back into the grass where it decomposes leaving no residue.

Robust yet light. The new AS Motor mulching mowers weigh less than 40 kg thus making them simple and easy to handle. A round tubular steel frame adds stability and protects against obstacles during mowing. Additional safety for the crankshaft and blade during mowing operation is provided by the limit-torque coupling and a third additional crankshaft bearing.

Device typeAS Motor 510 4T
Grass ejectionMulching mower central
Cutting width(working width) (cm)   51
Cutting height adjustmentCentral, 40-90 mm, 6 levels
EngineB+S 4-stroke Engine, 850 E Series l/C, 190 ccm
Rated power3.1 kW (4.3 HP) at 2,800 rpm
Maximum engine power4.1 kW (5.5 HP) at 3,600 rpm
Weight (kg)37
Operating dimensions(cm L/W/H)     139/55/100
Fill quantity –fuel tank (litres)           1.2


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